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Recent Projects

Like 4 Like

Like 4 Like

PHP, JavaScript, designEdit (CMS)

Agency: Mouth Media
Website: Like 4 Like

  • CMS (Home, My Closet, Notifications, etc)
  • Account Management (Trades, Items, Notifications, Shipping Manager)
  • eCommerce (Capture/Authorize, PayPal Pro Merchant)
  • Canada Post (Create Shipping Labels, Get Rates, Tracking)

Club Crawlers

Club Crawlers 2013

PHP, JavaScript, designEdit (CMS)

Agency: Mouth Media
Website: Club Crawlers

  • Venue, Guest List, Tickets, Hotles, Event Management
  • Advanced Event Listing (recurring weekly and special events, sorted daily by featured, date, venue and user priority)
  • User Generated Content (upload venues, events, pictures, dj/promoter profiles and view ticket sales in real time)
  • eCommerce (Event Tickets/Packages, Hotel Packages, Custom Checkout/Receipts)
  • eTickets (PDF generated tickets, API integration with iPhone barcode scanners for location based scanning)
  • Club Promoters (Will Call list PDF export, Event/Ticket management)
  • Inventory Tracking/Reports Excel/PDF (Cost, Sales, Profits, Shipping Types/Destinations)
  • Venues/Restaurants guest-list (notifications)
  • Google MAP (API integration with venues location and local services)
  • Google Search (API/custom results listings/XML site map)
  • Internet Secure w/ Verify by Visa, Interac, PayPal Standard (merchant account)
  • Daily Email/Dashboard Reports (Latest Account/Transactions, Events, Venues, Restaurants, Galleries, Promoters)
  • OpenX (advertising server integration)

Pride Toronto

PHP, JavaScript, designEdit (CMS)

Agency: Mouth Media
Website: Pride Toronto

  • CMS (Home, Festival, About, etc)
  • eCommerce (Donations Onetime/Recurring, PayPal Pro Merchant)

Michael Williams

JavaScript, PHP, designEdit (CMS)

Designer: Michael Tweed
Website: Michael

  • Generate custom PDF portfolio of selected images (with option to email)
  • Portfolio lightbox (add/remove)
  • CMS (Home, Categories, Contact)
  • JavaScript/jQuery/AJAX/JSON