Command &

A progressive web app was the perfect solution to promote the new Rogers service “Ignite TV” during Canadian Toronto Exhibition.

The interactive game outlines the advanced features of the remote voice detection. This product was so successful that it further grew into a game that was used in Rogers retail stores.


This game was played on Android tablets in a locked PWA application in Kiosk mode which prevented the users from using the tablet in anyway other than the game.

Offline support allowed staff to continue demoing the service and capturing user information without internet connection. Once the connection was established all entries and information synced with the server.

Website (Progressive Web App)

  • Offline support
  • CSS animations


designEdit (CMS)

  • designEdit CMS allows admin to manage question content, preview and push to all tablets once approved.

Server & Services

  • AWS EC2 with NGINX, and AWS Aurora database.
  • AWS Lambda with simple notification service for high traffic submissions.