Rogers, the leading telecom company in Canada, required a user-friendly ad generator for their national dealers. The generator allows the user to generate print ready ads for promotions, without any previous design experience or use of expensive design software.

This project was made up of two parts the CMS and user interface. The CMS had to be intuitive and flexible giving management the ability to create a variety of unique ad templates. 


Using the designEdit platform we were able to create an app that allowed the admin user to create an ad with unlimited text, layout and image elements. In addition, they could position, resize and layer the elements to create the desired template.

The end result for the dealer was an easy to use ad builder that gave options at each level (layout, header, discount and content).


  • Web app for the user to create the ad based on template created by the admin in designEdit
  • Ad builder module in designEdit



  • Ad builder module API to interface JavaScript module
  • designEdit customization



  • Server-side logic
  • User authentication with JSON Web Token
  • MongoDB Database



  • Server, used for all static resources files
  • Proxy for Node.js



  • ReportLab - open source Python library to generate PDF files


Image Magic (Linux Server Software)

  • Resizing images
  • Converting colour profiles (CMYK and RGB)
  • Converting PDF to JPG for front end previews, and admin template builder