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imageEdit - Flash UI/PHP Image Editor

This image editor is the perfect way to edit your photos. You can implement it into your CMS system to edit your images before posting them.  Fronted Flash UI for cropping, flipping and rotating images with PHP script for processing the final image.


  • supports JPG, PNG, GIF, and BMP
  • the Crop tool resizes with the window, or  you can give it a set width/height
  • includes PHP GD and ImageMagick scripts
  • preservers transparency in PNG file types


Item: imageEdit - Flash UI (SWF) ,PHP (GD/ImageMagick), Configuration (XML), HTML (Embed Example)
License: Website (commercial, personal or client)
Total: $5.00 CAD

You will now be directed to PayPal to process payment for your order. Please make sure to return to our website after paying. You will be given a download link to download a ZIP package.



Unzip the software in your web directory. Ensure the Images folder ($Settings_SaveDirectory) is writable by your webserver.

Flash Flashvars (flashvars)

  • filename - image file (example.jpg)
  • savename - populates filename in save dialog (example-copy)
  • configpath - imageEdit configuration file (config.xml)

Configuration XML (config.xml)

  • postaction - image processing script (function-gd.php or function-imagemagick.php)
  • saveprefix - populates prefix filename in save dialog
  • savesuffix - populates suffixfix filename in save dialog
  • oncomplete - JavaScript function to be called on saved. Passing the new saved filename variable
  • filtereffects - Dropdown list of filter effects past to the processing script

Configuration PHP (function-gd.php/function-imagemagick.php)

  • $Settings_OriginalDirectory - original image directory path (../../)
  • $Settings_FlashReturnDirectory - saved image flash (flash editor) path (../../)
  • $Settings_SaveDirectory - save image path (../tmp)


  • PHP5.2+
  • GD2 or ImageMagick





The Flip tool is used to invert an image.

  • Flip horizontally click on 

  • Flip vertically click on 


The Rotate tool is used to adjust the angle of an image, you can adjust the rotation in increments of 90 degrees.

  • Rotate counter clockwise click on 
  • Rotate clockwise click on 


The Crop tool is used to reduce the visible area of an image, to begin cropping, click on . ImageEdit grays out the area that will be cropped, click on  button to accept the crop.

  • You can adjust the edges of the selection to fall exactly at the desired location. Simply place the cursor over one of the four sides and drag to the desired location. While adjusting the cropped are, you can review the coordinates and pixel size of the crop in the top right corner

  • You may also use the arrow keys to adjust the crop area by pixel or hold down the shift key and use the arrow keys to resize the crop area by pixel
  • To crop to a specific size click on then enter the desired dimensions, then click on 
  • Click on  to exit the Crop tool


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